FRIDAY NUGGET: When I Was a Youth Pastor…

“My senior pastor was a YP 20 years ago, so…”

i hear a youth worker start a tale of frustration with this line (only the number of years changes) once a month, at the very least. 9 out of 10 times this is followed with a negative story that includes this line from the senior pastor: “When I was a youth pastor….”

some of you reading this are youth workers who will one day be a senior pastor.

let’s all stack hands on this: if we, one day, find ourselves out of direct youth ministry, but overseeing a youth worker, we will NOT be one who utters that phrase, unless it’s followed by “things were certainly different”

you might consider adding, “And you’re awesome.”

5 thoughts on “FRIDAY NUGGET: When I Was a Youth Pastor…”

  1. When I was a youth worker…I had a FANTASTIC mentor who invested in me, took time for me, and was super-patient with me. And that made a great impact on who I am today…

  2. Agreed! I have moved to the role of “real” pastor, however i have come to believe that all ministry is the same as youth ministry – I’ve talked with a Sr. Citizen about the responsibility of driving; i have talked with couples about to break-up; bullying is as real in the board meeting as it on the playground; and too many believe that much of life is all about “me”.

    By the way, let’s just say that some of the games I used to play (YS Ideas) will you would get me arrested today… just sayin.

    Hey youthworker – you’ve got my support – things are *slightly* different, and you are awesome!

  3. I’ve heard these and many other things from Sr. Pastors. My all-time favourite is this, “doing what I do now is like youth ministry but a much bigger budget”.

    What are some ways that we can help Sr. Pastors understand that things are different?

  4. Agreed. I’ve been on both sides (YM for 26 years with a three year hiatus as Sr Pastor to facilitate healing and forgiveness after moral failure of my Sr Pastor and now back to my passion of youth in a different church for 13 years) I’ve experienced how important it is to mentor, but give space and encouragement to youth pastors. I’ve also served under some pretty fantastic encourages in the Sr Pastor role! Hats off to the mentor/encourager SPs!

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