from the land of wtf: tallbikes

i’d seen reference to tallbikes in a screenplay i read recently. and i kinda had a mental image of what they were. but only kinda. a circus-y image, really, like one of those tall unicycles, but with two wheels.

so it was nice and unnerving to see this post on gizmodo about SkyWalker TallBikes, with this picture:


interesting dialogue with the maker:

gizmodo: How much time did it take you to build this bike?
Brad Graham: SkyWalker was made in a single weekend. All welding was done outdoors in -10 degree weather using a basic AC welder.

gizmodo: You built it with spare parts, right?
BG: Yes. All parts were scavanged from the local dump with the exception of a few lengths of hardware store electrical conduit for the frame.

gizmodo: how the heck do you ride this thing?
BG: The bike is very easy to ride if you trust it. Climbing the ladder while it is in motion takes some time to get used to, but after a few tries, I was able to get to the top with a coffee in one hand. Many people tried SkyWalker, and had no problem at all riding it.

2 thoughts on “from the land of wtf: tallbikes”

  1. my brother makes tall bikes and was featured in our newspaper here in Columbia, SC a couple years ago. He’s an old school punk rocker so his bikes tend to have a little more edge to them. I won’t ever get on one, though. Everyone says they’re easy to ride, but when you fall, it really hurts!


  2. I had a ‘tall bike’ when I was in high school and it was fairly easy to ride. Getting off did take some practice.

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