fronting starfield, or, my secret american idol fantasies revealed

starfield is a very cool worship band. they lead worship at a couple national youth workers conventions a year or two ago, and will do so at two of the conventions this fall (cincy and charlotte, i think).

the organizers of the stuck in the middle event i spoke at this past weekend wanted each of us general session speakers to have a “creative interruption” in the middle of our talk (good middle school programming). originally, we’d agreed that i was going to show three of the trunk monkey commercials as my creative interruption (i was going to make a loose connection to what i was talking about). but on thursday, as i was packing my stuff, i remembered something: years ago, i was speaking to a group of 900 military teens from europe on a missions trip in the czech republic, and i’d written new lyrics to the green day song “when i come around” as an opener to a talk about the kingdom of god (also the theme of the stuck in the middle event). then, about a year later, i was preaching in my home church on the kingdom of god, and had performed the song there, backed by the church worship band. i’ve hardly played guitar in years, and wasn’t sure i could play it and sing it — and i wasn’t sure if it would be ok to ask a band of starfield’s caliber to back me up (they weren’t asked to be there to support the odd whims of the speakers!). but i ended up riding in a car from the airport to the event with the lead singer from starfield, a really great guy named tim. so i mentioned the idea, and he thought it was a riot.

when i got to the event, i mentioned it to the guys in charge of producing the main sessions, and they thought it was worth a try during the band’s sound-check. they gave me a time to come back. when i was walking toward the main hall an hour later, i could hear the band playing the green day song perfectly, and i knew it was ‘on’. so halfway through my talk saturday morning, i mentioned how the world would be SO different if i were god. while i was saying that, the band came on stage, and crunched into the opening rif of ‘when i come around’. then i got to play rock star for 3 short minutes, singing lead on a silly song, backed by an amazing band. it was pretty fun!

here are the rather absurd lyrics:

You’d smile and say my name
You’d give me lots of fame
I’d pay you no attention ‘less I sensed there was dissention
Then I’d squash you like a bug, or give you zits, and then…

When you cry and beg, “Please, God!”
I’d look down my nose and nod,
If I were your god
If I were your god

I’d take away your choice
I’d take away your voice
I’d only let you use it if you sang me pretty music
Then I’d put you back inside your box, ‘cause you make me sick


I really am a jerk
But I really like my work
I’d use you and abuse you and I promise I’d refuse you
Any need you have that doesn’t fit my plans for you

Be glad I’m not your god
Be glad I’m not your god

7 thoughts on “fronting starfield, or, my secret american idol fantasies revealed”

  1. And to think that Jay provided us with video documentation. The part Marko left out was his ability to sing an octave higher.

    A great distraction! Lot’s of fun!

    Good to briefly connect with you in the elevator with Alan and Heather. Wanted to say hi again but you and Sean were talking pretty heavy.

  2. So, when I’m old youth pastor dude like you, is that when I get to be a rock star? hehe. When you coming into Sacto?

  3. ok, wait a minute, kc — um, if i’m an “old youth pastor dude”, that would make you a “very close to old youth pastor dude”!

    i’m coming to Sacto this weekend — doing the CORE at Bayside.

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