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my church is doing a series on significance right now. and they’re creating some little video vignets of people telling their stories. i absolutely love this one on so many levels. i love it because the church actually chose to show someone who is finding significance by working in middle school ministry (seriously, i don’t know a lot of churches that would do that). and i love it because ben, the guy in the video, isn’t flashy, or cocky — just the opposite; he talks about ministering out of his weakness, and how much kids respond to that.

but the biggest reason i think i love this video is because i’ve always loved ben. when i first started volunteering with the middle school ministry at my church, about 9 years ago, ben had just begun middle school (i think he was a 6th grader — though he might have started a year later). i always thought he was a great kid; but i could tell that our middle school ministry was a rare safe haven for him (though he had a great home with wonderful parents also). he felt safe in our group. he felt valued, and wanted.

and, now, ben is a co-leader with me in the same ministry. it’s a great story. and any of you who work with teenagers for a while at the same church have stories like this one. i hope this encourages you at least a fraction as much as it did me.

i’d like to introduce you to my friend, ben toth:

(ht to rod for the video)

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  1. Great stuff there! it’s people like ben that keep Middle School Ministry effective and meaningful! Thank You Ben and those like him!

  2. man, i hope i am in the business long enough to see fruit like that. i have experienced similiar stuff in jr high. it would of been great to have a guy like that and tell me i had worth and it was going to be ok.

  3. I loved seeing this. I went through a similar experience. Middle school was a very difficult experience for me, but I stuck with youth, and my leaders stuck with me, and I ended up being really involved in my youth group. Then in high school, I interned with my youth minister, and had my own middle school small group. Now, I’m in college studying Religious Ed, and planning to go into youth ministry full time. It’s inspiring for me to see someone whose life is coming full circle for them, too.

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