fun little typing game

how fast can you type the alphabet? this fun little game is a good five minute diversion, a nice little mind-reboot. after about a dozen or twenty tries, i did it in 7.302 seconds. i might be able to shave a second off of that if i tried another twenty or thirty times.

come on. whatcha got?

(ht to gimd, who got it from len)

30 thoughts on “fun little typing game”

  1. omg, josh and kyle — you guys are uh-maze-ing! or really geeky! (see how i turned that around, so i could feel ok about my 7.something?)

  2. 4.256 on dh’s computer

    Now to boot up my computer with the nicer keyboard and see if that makes a difference

    Thanks, Marko. I was worried what I was going to do with all my free time today.

  3. MO,

    You must be a Junior High Pastor or something…this is actually pretty tough, although it seemed simple at a glance. Any secrets on how to improve?

  4. Stunning flies out the window when I tried Finger Frenzy 2 — typing the alphabet backwards at speed is IMPOSSIBLE.

    FWIW — I put my husband through college doing data entry. Yes, I have been replaced by a computer.

  5. all right – i got suckered into this thing by all you computer geeks with your flying fingered successes and breath-taking speeds… and i wasted another five minutes on that time-diversion and all I got to say is no my best speed is 7.0 – seven flat. I cannot comprehend that that columbia masters student is doin’ 5 sec. better than me – and how debbie flies through the alpha bet at half the time it takes me is stupifying!

    congrats all.

  6. I don’t mean to boast, but I posted the same (I think) game in December of 2005. “My first attempt was around 6 seconds and an hour later I had it down to 2.867 seconds. Shawn can back me up on this… I was sending him screenshots everytime I set a new personal record.”

    I will be the first to call myself a nerd.

  7. I did 5.9 on my laptop keyboard… I’m thinking that if I move to the ergonomic keyboard on my desktop I could really get my time shorter.


  8. I don’t mean to boast either but i just beat my 5 year old daughters record of 8 minutes with a 156.345. She sucks.

  9. haha! that this post will end up being one of the highest commented sections ever… says that we all have way too high a tendency towards distraction …. and that we are all way too comfortable in our own skin to so happily admit it..

    loving it.

  10. Not to brag but…1.36 seconds. Actually I just wanted to be “the one up guy”. No matter what you did or how good you did it, there’s always “that guy”.

    Actually 7.12 is my fastest.

  11. *sigh*

    Marko — I saw this post earlier today and purposely avoided it. But, eventually, curiosity got the best of me. I laughed at the welcome screen with the smiling, disembodied head… and then got totally sucked into the game.

    I was feeling pretty good about my mid 5 second range performance (after many, many attempts). And then I called my wife over to play, knowing that she types with a speed that can only be described as “furious.”

    I stood there watching with my eyes growing wider (and my love growing deeper) as her speed dropped every time she tried it. Final result: 3.442. If that’s not true love, I don’t know what is :)

    Anyhoo, glad to hear you’re back in town after your crazy travel schedule.

  12. Due to my peer pressure, and general enthusiasm, my wife continued to play and broke the three second barrier: 2.852 — I ran a lap around our living room, I was so pumped :)

  13. Marko, thank you so much for helping me to kill time between until all my little buddies get out of school. – Demo

  14. OK, so my first try was 6.878, but my senior pastor started talking to me half way through. Second try (and the best score in our office!) was 5.01

  15. 2.698 — But I had practiced for this game about a year ago – apparently muscle memory sticks around for a while :)

  16. 1.36 is my record been doing this for 5 years you keep your speed even if you dont practice for couple monthes

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