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gethumanyesterday i posted a little list of “things that bother me“. one of them was the frustration of not being able to reach a live person through the maze of voice prompts at some “service” companies. alert and helpful reader left a comment with this website:

get human

it’s a massive list of “direct to a real person” numbers or instructions for quickly navigating the message prompt maze for a wide variety of u.s. service providers, including credit, finance, government, computer hardware, insurance, internet, mobile phone, pharmacy, products, shipping, software, stores, travel, and tv/satellite.

way cool! can’t wait to try it out.

5 thoughts on “get human”

  1. Funny …. it says “Press 0 at each prompt, ignoring messages” I have always done that and it works just about everytime no matter who you call!

  2. Hey Mark! This is Rachel, the Volunteer Coordinator at TACO. I was browsing the Youth Specialties website and found your blog! I’ll be bookmarking it! I hope you are well! Hope to see you at TACO again!

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