G.I. Joe

i had to get an upper G.I. this morning. strip to my undies and lay on a table while drinking chalky barium. then they take all kinds of xrays of my belly. it was a trip to watch the live screen of my stomach processing the barium. i felt a little like gumby when they moved me into different poses, shaping my legs and arms. my doc thinks i might have a hiatal hernia between my stomach and esophagus, due to my heartburn every single night. good times.

3 thoughts on “G.I. Joe”

  1. Yup. Had one of those about 3 years ago. It S U C K E D. That barium shake made my gag-reflex just KICK in. Hope you enjoyed that. My favorite was noticing what color my bowel movements were the next day or so…enjoy that!

  2. Ditto here, Marko. Barium swallow sucks. Barium poopie the next day is way entertaining. I’m no doctor (but I play one on TV)… but I’ll give you three words that took me from where you are to “no-heartburn-at-all-ville.”

    Nexium. Nexium. Nexium.

    Get them to prescribe it. Take one little purple pill a day. Yo esophagus will thank you…

    I actually had heartburn so bad I had a “stricture” (or tightened area on the bottom of my esophagus) that made food get stuck halfway down. Nexium cleared that up right away too…

    Send my medical services invoice to the YS offices? (oh… and I dont take Cigna).

  3. better thank a lower gi i hear! tubes, hoses, invasion = no chance! i love my daily aciflex prescription for the reflux. better than surgery!

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