girls and snakes both grow up

a couple years ago, i posted about my then 15 year-old daugher, liesl, and the albino milk snake she had just purchased.

recently, i’ve been noticing with amazement the woman that liesl is becoming. she’s a stellar human with superpowers of compassion, experimentation, thoughtfulness, creativity, and risk-taking. she refuses to fit into a mold. she plays viola in an orchestra, electric bass and keyboard in a worship band, and listens to old-skool punk. she modifies her clothing, and dresses herself like no one else. she is passionate about justice. she is a natural problem solver (which shows up in many places, including her natural aptitude for math). and she wants to change the world.

then i noticed amii (the snake). after two years of a steady mousey diet, amii has grown quite a bit also. i checked back on my blog to see that 2 year-old photo of liesl and amii, then took this new one:

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