god, inc.

i don’t know the perspective (or intent) of the guy who made these ‘dramedies’ in the style of ‘the office’, but about god (or, the office that is god). but they’re worth seeing. they’re funny, yes, and pretty edgy. but they also touch on various perceptions about god, both our own, and in culture at large.

here’s the first episode:

and the second:

he says there are more to come.

(ht to bob carlton)

4 thoughts on “god, inc.”

  1. I can appreciate these videos for what they are as film, outside of the poor sound quality. But I don’t really like the content. But then again, I don’t like the “christian no more” videos either, so what do i know?

  2. I found them quite amusing.

    The language (God’s name in vain) made me shudder, but all in all they were pretty good.

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