good golf

i used to golf all the time — 2 – 4 times per month. many of those were super-early crack-o’-dawn blitzes through ‘the back nine’. but for some reason (money? time? frustration at how much i suck?) i stopped. the only time i golfed in the past year was when i took my son, max, to play 9 holes after he finished a series of golf lessons (ooh, i need to take him out again). so when a former golfing buddy was coming into town this last weekend, and suggested we play a round, i agreed with the caveat that i would most assuredly stink up the links.

but it was a perfect day.

it was about 80 degrees and blue-sky-sunny, but with a spa-like breeze keeping things cool. the course was in great shape. at least 8 times, i must have said out loud to my friends, “wow — it couldn’t be more perfect out here”, or “it’s SO beautiful today!”

and to top it off, i was good. i couldn’t believe it. i was hitting long (for me) and straight. i didn’t keep score, because i had assumed it would demoralize me too much — but it was basically par, bogie and double-bogie holes (with an exception or two).

maybe i should wait an entire year between each time i golf — that might be the secret.

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  1. I don’t know if I ever told you this, but I was a cadddy for three years as a summer job. One day I shall have to carry your bag for you and give you tips. (I seriously was a caddy.)

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