grandma, part 2

thanks to those of you who prayed for my grandma and my family.   she passed away peacefully wednesday morning.  the funeral is sunday in gulf shores, AL; so, in a freakish travel oddity, i’ll be flying into pensacola, FL, for the third weekend in a row.  this means i’ll have to cancel attending JH winter camp with the guys in my small group, which is a drag.  but i really want to be at my grandma’s funeral, and jeannie and i are going to take the kids along.  i’ll be a little loopy, flying back from london friday, then to FL on saturday; but no more than i would have been driving straight up to JH winter camp.

4 thoughts on “grandma, part 2”

  1. hey Marko…my thoughts are with you guys during this time. And I’m so thankful that God worked out the opportunity for you to visit with her recently. Continuing to pray for you guys.

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