i had the privilege of seeing my 91 year-old grandma in the hospital tonite, in foley, alabama. she’s dying (mostly of old age, but has a few things just shutting down and has fluid in her lungs), and isn’t expected to live more than a week. it seemed more than a coincidence that i was flying to this part of the country today for work, and was able to squeeze a two-hour trip in after i landed. my mom and aunts are there with her, giving her lots of love and support. i was able to tell her what a wonderful grandma she’d always been to me and my cousins, and a wonderful great-grandma to my kids and her other great-grandchildren. i got to kiss her forehead. i got to hear her say, “i want to be with jesus.”

here she is a few years ago in san diego with her great-grandchildren at the time (a couple more were born since):


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  1. Well I am sad to hear that.
    Strange thing is that I too lost my gramdmother last month. She was 82, and lived in Foley, Al! I wonder if they ever met each other? Well they will in Heaven. She lived a long life for the Lord which is good.

  2. Marko, I’m praying for you and all your family; I lost my last grandmother a few years ago so I feel for you. All God’s best.

  3. I lost mine in October of 07. Today I attended the funeral of another grandma to some good friends of ours in our church. It’s been a day of tears for me again. Thankfully yours, mine, and my friends’ all know/knew Jesus. What a celebration they will have.

  4. “. . . it seemed more than a coincidence . . .”

    Sounds like a God appointment to me. What a blessing you were able to be there and communicate with her. May she bask in the arms of Jesus when she gets there!

  5. My thoughts are with your family. My mom passed away last month after battling cancer & illness for several years so I can sympathize.

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