great day at the NYWC

it’s been good. and i’m tired. donald miller was great last night, and i really enjoyed sharon cohn from ijm today. and greg stier did a great job too. really, there haven’t been any ‘dud’ general session speakers so far. of course, i’m speaking tomorrow, so that possibility is still open.

i’m feeling pretty unworthy of speaking to this big ol’ group of youth workers. it’s way-intimidating. and i’m speaking on humility, something i have SO not figured out.

7 thoughts on “great day at the NYWC”

  1. Marko:

    I have seen soooo much change since I first “met” you at my first NYWC in Dallas in 2001.

    You, my friend, are worthy to speak. You have a passion for: God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Youth Workers. Youth Workers who desperately need your support, love, and resources. Your passion for this ministry shines through more and more.

    And, for you to already just type right there that you have “so not figured out” humility (and, really – who HAS?)…

    THAT shows humility! To put it out there for the world to see – that this is something you may struggle with… That’s honesty.

    You ARE worthy! (I only wish I were there to hear you!)

  2. C’mon, you’ll do fine! What I appreciated most about your “leading change” seminar is how transparent you were. That was probably the most encouraging part of it, hearing about your mistakes and thinking, “Okay, I’m normal then.”

    I’ll be praying for ya while you talk, too. I’m looking forward to it. :)

  3. I can’t wait till Cincy, that’s all I have to say. Looking forward to hearing your talk then and grabbing some coffee if you have time. I just heard Donald Miller for the first time at our Small Groups Conference and was really intrigued. Peace

  4. You did great, man! Thanks for demonstrating your break dancing skills, too! Do you care if that shows up on YouTube?

  5. Marko Danced??? Dancing with the stars? :D

    Doesn’t HAVE to be on youtoube… there are others out there!

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