9 thoughts on “great video for youth ministry use”

  1. I saw that this week and in the midst of a series on conflict resolution, peer pressure and our pride. Man, I might show that this Sunday as an opening clip.

  2. I knew this sort of thing is how they do most ads anymore, but I’ve never seen it actually done. That’s amazing. Thanks for showing us a great tool.

  3. [email protected] says:

    hey gang…

    you can download the video here (contrary to just having to watch it on the web). This is the site of the people that made it (Dove). They are cool with you downloading it. Right Click to “Save as”…

    Here is the link…

  4. thanks marko – if you click on the you tube logo it will take you to the site – watch the little dove girls video too – this is how we make a real difference.

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