hello, i’m a thumb generation minister

fun factoid of the week:

In Japan techno-savy teens are called “oyayubi sedai,” the thumb generation. They use their thumbs so frequently for typing into their cellphones that they now use them, rather than their index fingers, to point and to press buzzers.

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6 thoughts on “hello, i’m a thumb generation minister”

  1. I’ve been to some places where they point with their lips. I thought it was a strange twitch at first! I also think it’s strange when people use their whole arm to point. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone point with their thumb though.. I mean, other than hitch-hiking of course!

  2. i was just reading about this in Freidman’s “The World is Flat.” It’s. been fascinating to read that book from a perspective of thinking how globalisation trends can and/or should affect youth ministry. good read if you’ve looked at it (though very lengthy). great concepts, though a little drug out at times.

  3. I actually did a scavenger hunt on Friday night that used texting and picture messaging. The JR Highers LOVED it. They sent me their location by text and I then sent a clue to the next location by text. It was one of the best scavenger hunts I have done

  4. Josh, if you could send me any info you have on that texting/picture messaging scavenger hunt you did I would greatly appreciate it. I think that is something my kids would love! [email protected] thanks!

  5. Interesting Blog Marko. I have been amazed at the speeds that some of these students can text. Also like the texting scanvenger hunt idea, that is a creative idea.

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