hello, my name is randomness; nice to meet you

adventures in missions has launched a new blog for youth workers. particularly, the blog (with posts from various aim staff, as well as a handful of youth workers), focuses on discipleship, and how short-term missions can play a role in that. good stuff. i encourage you to check it out. i’ve added it to my blog reader.


Lord Jesus Christ suffers minor injuries in downtown Northampton crosswalk mishap

[the police] said officers checked Christ’s identification at the scene and confirmed it was his legal name.

(ht to scott miller)


entire wedding party falls into a lake — no one thought about the dock not being made for that many people!


a totally hilarious espn column about an extremely strange “sport”: the sauna world championships. seriously, give yourself a 3 minute break and read it. you’ll be refreshed.


andy martin’s wonderfully weird and strangely beautiful little bit of musical animation…

Dry Fish from Andy Martin on Vimeo.

(and here’s a “making of” bit)

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  1. Thanks for the random link love, Marko, to the Youthworkers Resource Blog. As it is still in the baby stages, I’d appreciate any feedback you or anyone else could offer. We definitely want to be offer a relevant resource to the church in this endeavor.

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