heroes, volume one

heroes.jpgheroes, volume one.

i’m a huge fan of the tv show, heroes. and i love illustrated books. so i was pretty stoked when friends gave me this gorgeous book for christmas.

the chapters in this book (each very short) were created, originally, as web comix for the show’s site. they were developed prior to and concurrently with the show’s script development. as a result, they’re complimentary to the show, as opposed to merely being a recap of the first season. there are characters who aren’t in the show, and scenes with the show’s characters that aren’t in the tv episodes.

that said, this book would be almost impossible to follow for someone who didn’t see the show.

the illustrations are stunning, and i really enjoyed it. but, ultimately, it’s a book for fans of the tv series.

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  1. A “fan” of Heroes, and yet you continue to ignore my spammish invitations to become a part of the Facebook app. Someone is feeling a bit snarky about being too good to waste his work day with other ministry types who like to “cut open heads,” I think.

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