5 thoughts on “hilarious awful christian rap”

  1. do the burning bush…do the burning bush…

    man that was one of the weirdest videos i’ve seen in a while!

  2. Unfortunately not much shocks me anymore, but this may take the cake. Though I will say, if it was to come from any organization I would expect it from Saddleback and all things Purpose Driven.

    This is what happens when REPENTANCE is removed from the Gospel. Ask most Christians what the message of the Gospel is Jesus spoke and they won’t be able to tell you that after HE was LED (not Driven) by the Spirit into the desert and HE began HIS public ministry HE started with these words found in Matt 4:17. REPENT for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. The word REPENTANCE certainly seems to be in short supply in the Purpose Driven Churches. I left a PDC because of this type of lack of FEAR and REVERANCE for the G-d who purchased us out of the world.

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