historic event for women in youth ministry

HERstory.jpgthere’s a wonderful shift taking place in the youth ministry world: more and more women are employed as youth workers and youth pastors. and, while ys wants to serve all youth workers of every theological stripe (including both egaliterians and complimentarians, liberals and fundies and middle-o-the-road evangelicals, emergents and anti-emergents) we are — organizationally speaking (and personally speaking) egalitarians who are committed to women in ministry, supporting their calling and development.

with that perspective, we’re hosting a first-of-its-kind event for women in youth ministry as a pre-event to the atlanta national youth workers convention this november. it’s called HERstory. here’s what jeanne stevens, the ys staff person giving leadership to this, writes about the event:

HERstory is the first-ever pre-convention gathering of women in youth ministry at the NYWC. If you’re a woman in youth ministry, you are writing history‹whether paid or volunteer, rookie or veteran. You have a story that needs to be shared and heard. Come join other women in youth ministry for a unique pre-convention experience with insightful teaching, inspiring worship, deep conversation, and encouraging community. The event includes two main sessions and two breakout times with a variety of seminars to choose from, as well as an evening dessert on Thursday.

speakers include: Jeanne Stevens, Virgina Ward, Ginny Olsen, Denise Van Eck (and others). and kendall payne will be leading worship.

if you’re a woman in youth ministry, we really hope you’ll consider joining us at this historic event. if you’re a dude in youth ministry, please consider what women you know in youth ministry, that you could encourage to attend.

for more info: here’s the site.

3 thoughts on “historic event for women in youth ministry”

  1. Why oh Why only in Atlanta?? Our beautiful San Diego – your backyard – needs this too! We have two female interns and great volunteers who need this. So even though we will watch wistfully from afar, I am really, really glad this is happening. Hope it fills up so you do more!!

  2. Awesome! I wish this had been around during my stint as a youthworker. I’ll tell my friends who are still in the thick of things. Yay YS!

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