hymn lyric confusion

surprising lyrics to an otherwise-churchy-sounding anglican hymn.

actually, it’s a funny (and irreverant) glimpse into the power of suggestion!

(ht to mikey)

5 thoughts on “hymn lyric confusion”

  1. so as someone named maureen and a good anglican, what is the actual hymn they are singing, because I am going to suggest it to our choir master..

    so i can giggle in the back pew the whole time

  2. not sure what i am watching. is it really a cathedral full of people singing nonsense?

    that would be so interesting, to re-build a cathedral, and then, like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar, to keep people form concluding that they therefore have any sort of hope or faith at all, fill it with people singing nonsense.

  3. It’s “TRANSLATIONS OF POPULAR HYMNS FOR THE HARD OF HEARING, BY THE HARD OF HEARING.” (from the youtube description.) My wife, a sign language interpreter, was ROFL when she showed me this one. (oooh! I can use old im language!) It’s a segment produced for a BBC comedy show called “Time Trumpet.” It never made it on the show, however.

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