i did it! i dropped a negative techorati centurian

yes, i made that term up.

a couple months ago, my technorati ranking (incoming links from unique blogs in the past 6 mos, to the minute) had risen to 441, and hovered between 439 and 441 for a couple weeks. it was heady space for me; but the air was thin, and i felt light-headed (light-heady?)

then came the plummet.

in the last month or so, i have dropped like a rock through the atmosphere.
down, down, into the 300s.
down, down, losing the little “top 10K” button on the ranking widget.
down, down, hovering close to a 100-point drop for a few weeks now.
a few steps back, nearing 350.
then, just now, dropping to 340.

a full negative technorati centurian.

i’ve decided to take pride in this — enjoy it even. my other options are way less healthy, way more self-conscious, way more vain, and way more OCD. so i laugh in its face, that negative techno-cent! HA!

(my traffic is still really strong, and that makes me happy that people are reading, whether they link or not. so, thanks for reading, my friends.)

now if i could just drop a few pounds…

5 thoughts on “i did it! i dropped a negative techorati centurian”

  1. I was rolling at your last comment. Only if you could just drop a few pounds. I wish the Atkins Diet was still around……..

  2. Help us MarkO, you are our only hope. If you cannot storm the technorati, what prayer do the rest of us have… as far as youth minstry goes, your are the closest thing we have to a semi celeb… minus the Paparazzi…

    You owe it to us to make at least one of our blogs happen in the rankings…

    Then we can look to you… and believe that one day we might not be the only ones reading our blog…

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