i hate voicemail

ok, i realize this might sound like i have a human interaction deficiency, or something. really, i love having conversations. it’s just that i want to have them about stuff worth having a conversation over. and there’s a difference between phone conversation fodder and email conversation fodder.

i have gotten to the point where i send and receive email, all day long, from anywhere in the world. but, even when i’m sitting at my desk all week, i only check my voicemail messages about once every three or four days.

i just checked them, and there were a bunch. and i have to say it find it immensely annoying to have a list of 7 phone calls to return now, most of which could have been a very short email exchange. let’s schedule a chat on the phone, or coffee and conversation, when the topic warrants. and if you absolutely DO have to call me, leave a frickin’ email address, for goodness sake. i don’t have an assistant to call your butt back.

there. crankiness expressed. now i can get to these stinking phone calls with a tiny bit less attitude.

7 thoughts on “i hate voicemail”

  1. I KNEW it! For a few years, I’ve thought that you prefer email over phone calls, and this confirms it! OK, I promise now that I’ll only call you when it’s truly urgent (like getting your suite number at the NYWC).

  2. and i thought i was weird for having that same pet peeve… the worst voicemails are the 3 minute long ones with questions that could easily be answered by looking at the flyer/calendar we have mailed out… that is also posted on our website… and the church newsletter… and that we have announced sixty seven thousand times. i just have to laugh!

  3. funny how some people hate phone calls, some people hate emails, and I hate text paging…. every person should come with instructions on how to communciate.

  4. 3 to 4 hours?!?

    are you kidding me? i go 3 to 4 days. and i run my own business. if you want to start a group that only uses email . . . i’ll help you. i’ve tried to get rid of my phone altogether but my wife want let me.

  5. Did you know that you can get free mp3 voicemail/answering machine mesages online? They have everything from Brittney Spears to Buggs Bunny. I change mine around once a month, just to keep things interesting…

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