i love ichat

i think ichat might just be the best thing ever created for families where one of the parents has to travel a good deal (like mine, and like me). a phone call is great — but there just nothing like spending time talking face to face. last night, i gave my family a tour of my hotel suite, heard all about their days, jumped on the bed while holding the computer (max’s request), ran in circles, blew kisses, and generally connected. mmmmm. i love my family.

6 thoughts on “i love ichat”

  1. I agree. Just received a donation of a MacBook Pro, so I can set my PowerBook up at home for my wife. I am hoping to iChat during the Nashville convention. Very nice.

  2. I agree.. I do the same with my friends through Skype. it’s pretty cool.. When David was born, my inlaws who live in Peru where able to be with my wife in the Labor room right after she gave birth (No we didn’t have the camera on while the pushing!!)

  3. That’s so cool…I use Skype for the same thing. With my wireless broadband card I’m able to video chat just about anywhere with them (made great use of it at the Sacramento YS!). And Ken- you can use Skype on any mac or pc!

  4. it is amazing indeed. i thank the family from Ireland so much who helped pay for this iBook for me. it was my sanity to be able to video chat with my friends and family while i was living so so so so far away

  5. oh that is soooo cooooool. i love your family too.
    and this is almost worth convincing me to invest in a Mac. bring on a reason for that I say.

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