i scored

i don’t normally expect to get gifts at christmas that will leave me excited. i mean, it’s nice to receive gifts; and, actually, i’m a big-time “gifts are my love language” guy. but i’ve just kinda lowered any expectations or hopes in recent years. but this year was amazing. some of the fantastic stuff i received:
– a mont blanc rollerball pen
– a sweet wireless outdoor speaker
– a bottle of johnny walker black label
– a bottle of $100 tequilla
– a hooka
– a colibri cigar travel case (with a partagas 160 in it)
– a black tommy bahama silk shirt
– a sweet philip starck watch
– a really nice cordless power drill set
– a gorgeous pre-embargo cuban cigar (which means it was in the states prior to 1962)

a very manly set of gifts, don’tcha think?

14 thoughts on “i scored”

  1. Have you seen those new pens? They write on a piece of paper but they also wirelessly transmit what you write onto your computer. Its a nice way to keep notes. Haven’t gotten my hands on one yet, but a fellow Network Engineer has one and it seems pretty handy.

  2. isn’t hooka how they pronounce hooker in new england? i was nervous for a split second! i got a great bottle of booker’s bourbon, so next time you’re out here… cheers!

  3. A “rollerball” pen? C’mon. Young men wearing Tommy Bahamas shirts with a Colibri cigar case don’t write with rollerballs — they’ve all got fountain pens!

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