i will rest at movies

jeannie asked me how i want to spend my week off — what would be fun and restful to me. i decided i want to get caught up on movies, and see one every day. i love movies — in theaters (renting a DVD isn’t the same).

liesl and i saw Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants yesterday. that leaves me 5 more days. there are some movies i should have seen by now that are “musts”, but here’s the list i’m musing on…

star wars: revenge of the sith (can you believe i haven’t seen this yet?)
cinderella man
the interpreter (gotta get to this before it’s not in theaters anymore)
lords of dogtown (loved the documentary, “z boys and dogtown”)
mr & mrs smith
unleashed (jet li, bob hoskins)
oh, and sharkboy & lavagirl in 3-D (uh, i’m kidding)

input? these or others? monday and tuesday i’ll see one with jeannie — but today/tomorrow/sunday may be solo movie watching, or with a friend.

[[update #1 — friday: saw Mr. & Mrs. Smith today with our church’s new jh pastor. wow. if action is your thing (it is mine), this kicks butt. nothing like seeing angelina jolie kick the snot out of brad pitt! two down, four to go…]]

[[update #2 — saturday afternoon: saw, um, Shark Boy & Lava Girl in 3-D with my son max (7 years-old). he absolutely loved it. but now i am stuck with a theatrical-philosophical question: was this movie or Little Women worse?]]

[[update #3 — saturday evening: saw Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith with a friend. wow – the visuals are unstoppable, and i’m glad i saw it on a huge screen. loved obi-wan’s comment that only sith’s see things in absolutes. but every scene with padme and anikan brought a combo of laughter and annoyance. i’ve seen natalie portman actually act in other movies, so maybe it was bad lines or direction or a case of gas. three down + 1 (lava didn’t count), 3 to go.]]

[[update #4 — sunday evening: saw Lords of Dogtown, by myself. really, really enjoyed it.]]

[[update #5 — monday late morning: saw Cinderella Man with my wife. what a fantastic movie. four + sharkboy down, crash to go tomorrow.]]

[[final installment, update #6 — tuesday afternoon: saw Crash by myself. sat stunned in the theater for a few minutes after; tried to turn on the radio in the car, and had to turn it off and be silent. not the most entertaining movie of my week, but certainly the most important.]]

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  1. I’m ‘stealing’ my wife this afternoon and catching Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

    will keep ya’ posted.

    if you can get your wife to a Jet Li movie – you need to write a book on marriage. hahahaha

    almost put an emoticon there…caught myself.

  2. Mark, thanks for the joe. Good grub. Talk to josh about cinderella man. he said he saw it and it was amazing. Enjoy the movies. My advice.. sneak in food (um i mean, I never sneak in food) and if you’re gonna buy the popcorn- go big and get a refill just cuz you can.

  3. I’d recommend Millions. It’s not playing in wide release any more (only two theaters were showing it in the Twin Cities with lousy show times), but it’s brilliantly good. It’s directed by the same guy who did Trainspotting and 28 Days Later and has the same fast-paced editing and funky effects. It’s a family-friendly flick with a lot of heart, a lot of style, and no cheese.

    I probably sound like I work for the studio, but I just really enjoyed the movie.

  4. Star Wars is cool … but personally, the next movie on my list is Mr. and Mrs. Smith. That just looks cool – and probably better written than Star Wars. On the flip side, Star Wars is a major cultural event, and you just won’t be cool until you see it.

  5. star wars: revenge of the sith – massive seat-numbster
    cinderella man – ruseel crowe is a jerk, but boy can he act
    crash – run, do not walk, to the nearest theater showing this

  6. I hate to admit it but I saw Shark Boy and Lava Girl yesterday with my wife and kids. My 7 year old loved it, my 10 year old didn’t. I’m trying to decide if it was the worst movie I’d ever seen. Not sure why it didn’t go straight to DVD. There was one descent (preachable) scene though…but you have to look pretty hard to find it.

  7. Arg…It was my 12 year old that didn’t seem to care for it. My 10 year old seemed to like it (all girls), also my 8 year old boy seemed to like it too. FWIW.

  8. Crash…you have GOT to see this movie. I went to see it because of the intertwining lives and cast and I was NOT disapponted with any of it. Very powerful movie and I would like to see it again.

  9. Will see Crash soon…but definitely watch Cinderella Man, and Star Wars is a must theater watch. Interpreter is just okay, DVD will work.

  10. I cried with Jessica at Sisterhood… I’ve seen everything you mentioned except Sharkboy, not gonna do it. Crash is THE MOVIE… Loved Cinderella Man, Mr and Mrs Smith was just OK but the eye candy was superb. Star Wars – great. Lords of Dogtown was awesome… You are a man after my own heart.

  11. CRASH is a requirement. Thought-provoking and well-crafted. Take a pass on THE INTERPRETER, it is two hours you wish you had sepnt elsewhere.

  12. I’m telling you, Marko, you have got to go see “Crash.” The message board about the movie on the “CRash” web site is pretty interesting as well.

  13. I am really glad you finally saw it…though “glad” is an odd word to use. When I saw it we all pretty much left the theater in silence.

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