if sarah palin were my mom

so, potential vp palin has chosen an interesting assortment of all-american names for her children: Track, Trig, Bristol, Willow, and Piper.

now, there’s a sarah palin baby name generator to help you answer the question you’re all asking: what would my name be if sarah palin had been my mother?

click here, and enter your name!

my results:

mark eric, if you were born to Sarah Palin, your name would be:
Wesson Scalper Palin

one of my co-workers got “torpedo” as her name. i think i’d rather be torpedo than wesson. but, at least with wesson, i could go by “wess”, whereas my co-worker (a female) would have to go by “tor” (or, worse yet, “peed”).

ooh — i just tried it again with only my first name (mark), and got this result:
Clop Clutch Palin

hmmm. i think i’d go by my middle name — “clutch” is kinda cool!

41 thoughts on “if sarah palin were my mom”

  1. I got “Snowshoe Man” as mine… fitting I live int he middle of nowhere maine! that’s how I get to my car/sled in the winter!

  2. Mine is Missle Blunt. I kind of like it!

    Wesson isn’t too bad either. I’m sure it is meant to be the Wesson of Smith & Wesson.

  3. Fire Patriot Palin- I think I would be destined to be an American Gladitor or maybe I was conceived on the eve of Desert Storm

  4. No fun. I want a different name than marko… mine said” bradley james, if you were born to Sarah Palin, your name would be: Wesson Scalper Palin” too.

  5. I’d like my name, Torpedo Vindicator, however I don’t think I’d marry my wife if she had been Palin’s daughter…instead of Victoria Anne, she’d be Humps Gizzard…

    Do I get a YS book of my choice for having the worst name attached to my wife?

  6. I wonder what the formula is to get to these names. Some of the name people get are a bit bad, but it is very Alaskan to have beat box names.
    Dust Chinstrap Palin = Dan Rosch
    Chap Poach Palin = Daniel Rosch

  7. I wonder what my new name REALLY means: Bang Walmart Palin. And my husband’s new name is Crop Schooner. Just out of curiosity, I entered my kids’ names as well. My son would be Shot Corrugated, and my daughter (this one’s my favorite) would be Moose Roadster. Ha!

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