i’ll speak for ya, consult with ya, or, you should see me dance…

marko.preachyup, time for some shameless self-promotion.

about two or three years ago, i started dramatically decreasing the amount of speaking engagements i was taking. then, earlier this year, i stopped taking them altogether, in an attempt to focus more of my time and focus on ys and my family. but now, things have all changed, of course!

so, i’m trying to book speaking engagements for youth events, youth ministry events, or even preaching in churches, between now and the end of may. i know that’s a short window, and the speakers for most winter camps and other events in that window have mostly been lined up months ago. but, since i don’t yet know what i’m going to be doing with the rest of my life, i’m not comfortable taking speaking engagements in the summer or beyond. of course, if i don’t have something lined up by then, i’ll be really wishing i’d booked a bunch of things for the summer!

i also enjoy short-term consulting — either for a church or publisher or ministry, or even for any organization that might want an outside leadership perspective, or, specifically, some help thinking through youth and young adult issues.

if you’d like to talk about having me come to your gathering, or creating something, feel free to contact me (mark.oestreicher[at]gmail[dot]com). or, you can contact tim grable at the grable group: [email protected], or (615) 283-0039.

7 thoughts on “i’ll speak for ya, consult with ya, or, you should see me dance…”

  1. Marko —

    And remember you can always cheerlead . One of the highlights of the YS Convention in St Louis.

    Mike …

  2. Can I get you and Tic for like a two-for-one deal. The Cheerleading skit is mandatory though no matter what consulting or speaking you do.

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