i’m proud of my wife

when jeannie started a 2 year program in spiritual formation and direction, about four years ago, she thought she’d only finish the first year. the second year was the actual training in spiritual direction, and she didn’t think she could do that.

when the first year ended, jeannie took a big emotional risk, and continued into the second year, which included getting directees, much like an intern of some sorts. when the program ended, it seemed natural for her to continue as a director for the few people who she was already meeting with.

these days, jeannie meets with lots of people, and leads a couple ‘group direction’ experiences also.

but today she took a big courageous step. she and another spiritual director friend created a day-long spiritual retreat, got the word out, and thought they might have a dozen people show up. there’s a small fee to attend, also – this is the first time jeannie has officially set a price for something. she’s lead lots of retreats before; but this is the first one that was really her own doing, and that she charged for.

anyhow, 24 people signed up, from all over san diego and all kinds of christian experience. jeannie and her friend have a very cool day planned for everyone, and myself and the other husband have pitched in here and there to help make it happen (though, my main role today is to hang with our kids, and the daughter of the other director).

it’s so cool to see jeannie’s journey over these last few years. it’s rather different than my own, which is part of why i’m enjoying watching the process.

7 thoughts on “i’m proud of my wife”

  1. She’s good at what she does. I was in a small group with her at the Soul Shaper retreat last year, and it was very awesome.

  2. Awesome, I’m looking forward to the spiritual care seminars she’s doing in Nashville, I’ve already got ’em built into my schedule for the weekend.

  3. the retreat today was a nice balance of solitude and discussion. tangible and open-handed. the food was great, the prayer stations were fantastic, i really am glad i went.

    jeannie is definitely gifted in not only her role as a spiritual director, but in her understanding of other people, her willingness to suspend judgment, and her emotional sensitivity which gives others space to be.

    the retreat today was fantastic.

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