in the words of an 8 year-old

we arrived at 12:30am, and were met by our wonderful hosts — cesar, the youth worker of the church that’s hosting us (he’s been a youth worker here in peru for 10 years, which is amazing here), and mariano (one of the volunteer youth workers in the church). mariano speaks decent english, so that’s helpful! we went out for a very late night dinner of a special kind of peruvian chicken (i can’t remember what it’s called), and got to bed around 3am. today we’re being picked up by the lead pastor of the church for some site-seeing. oh, and the apartment we’re staying in is near a hotel (apparently) that has free wi-fi, and i can pick up a weak signal!

a story about max:

we’d really hoped to go see machu picchu while in peru, but have found it would be a 2 or 3 day trip, so it’s not going to happen. but all last week, max was excited about seeing machu picchu. i’d told him it was one of those things that everyone would love to see once in their lives. one day he came home from school and we had this conversation:

max: i told mr. castro (max’s 2nd grade teacher) about machu picchu, but he’d never heard of it.

me: no way. i can’t believe that.

max: really, he had no idea what i was talking about!

me: are you sure you said machu picchu?

max: well, i think i might have said macho pacho.

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