interview with tim schmoyer

podcast_144the podcast interview i did with tim schmoyer the other day is available as a free download now. i enjoyed the format, since tim moderates, but it’s a free call-in, and lots of other people talked and asked questions. what you can’t see when you listen, though, is that 50 of us were also on a live online chat, typing in comments as the discussion went on. that was a combo of serious stuff and smack talk.

click here to get to the episode in itunes, or here to listen to it steaming online.

according to tim’s blog, some of the things we talked about were:

* Experiential education
* Enabling community
* The process of changing to 3.0
* Joining God in His work
* Cliques and small groups
* Contextualizing ministry for sub-cultures
* A lot more…

3 thoughts on “interview with tim schmoyer”

  1. Just finished listening to the podcast. I’m going to download it so my volunteers can all listen. Great hour spent. Thanks for giving so much time and effort toward this.

    That and reading 3.0 has gotten me thinking: How will this all effect/change the way YM veterans consult to other groups? So much is dependent here on discerning and contextualizing in our own settings, consulting for other settings can’t be program oriented.

    I find myself constantly in the same kinds of tensions that Tim was talking about – knowing (from experiencing it for the past few years and also from reading about it in YM3.0) what I need to do (or, more precisely, what NOT to do) and then falling into the “how do I program that, now” trap.

    I’m going to sit down w/my wife today and try to come up with my 3 day/2 night alone retreat. Pray for discernment, please.

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