intuitive leadership

a great paragraph pulled from intuitive leadership.jpgIntuitive Leadership: Embracing a Paradigm of Narrative, Metaphor, and Chaos, by Tim Keel, for which i posted a review here.

God’s activity in the past can be a stumbling block in the present, especially when life is hard and confusing and filled with the pain of transition and loss. we get in trouble when we say, “this is what god did, and god will do it again,” rather than, “this is the pattern of god’s activity, and based on that, how do we discern god in the present?” when we settle for others’ formulations based on how they engaged once upon a time, we become vulnerable to the same kind of destruction israel experience in [the story of israel bringing the ark into battle in 1 samuel]. and this is what is happening right now, at least based on my experience and the countless conversations i have had with struggling christians, struggling seekers, struggling pastors, struggling district superintendents, struggling bishops, struggling professors, struggling seminary presidents, and on and on.

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