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intuitive leadership.jpgIntuitive Leadership: Embracing a Paradigm of Narrative, Metaphor, and Chaos, by Tim Keel.

wow. tim keel, fellow emergent village board member of mine, has written a leadership book that, well, isn’t like others. i suppose i could put it in the same kind of category — roughly — as max depree’s books (leadership jazz, and leadership is an art), in that tim doesn’t prescribe a method, or give 5 or 10 or 21 irrefutable laws. instead, he brings his artist’s perspective to the role of the leader, spending the biggest portion of his page real estate talking about cultural discernment.

killer stuff, really. i have a bunch of pages folded down for future reference, and hope to post a few juicy quotes at some point. when tim suggests, in the subtitle, that the kind of leadership we should embrace is one of narrative, metaphor and chaos… well, let’s just say he clearly lives these three words out on the pages of this exceptional book.

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