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landed in belfast wednesday around 3pm. got our car and out of the airport about 4. then came the moment of truth. i’d sprung a couple hundred bucks for a chip that slides into my GPS that has all the roads of northern europe, and should make the GPS work just like it does at home. YES. it works perfectly. my dad and i even changed the voice prompt to a british accent (there wasn’t an “irish” option).

we drove straight through to galway, only stopping once for a guinness. found a hotel, found a place for dinner. slept.

this morning my dad couldn’t find his passport. we tore apart the room and his luggage and everything else we could think of. we went to the restaurant. we looked in the car. nothing.

so, today, our plans got altered a bit, as we needed to end in dublin, so we can go to the embassy tomorrow morning and get him a new (temporary) passport. we left galway in frustration, but quickly lost that as we drove the coast road to the cliffs of moher, stopping in a little town at “monks” for the best bowl of seafood chowder i’ve ever had (i’ve had it there once or twice before, and knew we couldn’t miss it). the drive around the south shore of galway bay is my second favorite drive in ireland, only behind the antrim coastline. stopped at the cliffs. yeah, nice. big. all that. then we planned to head to cahir castle. but we were passing bunratty castle at one point, and thought, “hey, that’s supposed to be cool.” it was. amazing. fully restored four-storey medieval castle.

back on the road, we dumped plans for cahil, and went straight for cashel, to see “the rock of cashel”. unfortunately, due to traffic in limmerick and tipperary, we got there about 10 minutes after they closed. we walked around it (the light was gorgeous), and drove over to – and walked through — a very cool abbey ruin in a nearby field. then, we stopped for a nice pub dinner in cashel, before heading to dublin.

now we’re in a funky old hotel in dublin’s city-center. tomorrow morning, embassy and passport photos, then drive all the way to the tippy-top of ireland: coleraine, where i’m speaking tomorrow night through sunday.

more later!

6 thoughts on “ireland trip-tracker”

  1. john, funky both ways!
    paulmorgun, I finally have all the bugs worked out of the mac (i had a massive font problem that took me to the genius bar at the apple store twice), and she’s traveling beautifully.

  2. if you rented the car in bonny belfast, there wouldn’t be an irish accent option… being part of the UK and all. by the way, i’m impressed that you managed to navigate dublin! not an easy feat at all!

    have fun in coleraine – it GORGEOUS up there. one of my favorite little cafes in all of northern ireland is up on the coast. if you get a chance, take a nip down to Giant’s Causeway. breathtaking.

  3. yeah, thanks, kristin. this is my 8th trip here, and I’ve been to the giant’s causeway of three of the previous trips. I’m taking my dad there sunday or monday, along with my other favorites of the antrim coast: a round of golf, the bushmills factory tour, dunluce castle, the carick-a-reed rope bridge, and the beautiful drive around the northeast corner of the country.

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