it’s a weekend, and i’m home

this is only my 6th full weekend home since july 1; only my 3rd since august 1. and i’m gone the next two weekends in a row also. a handful of these have been with family, or a family member has been with me. but i couldn’t figure out if the fact that my pool needs maintenance and our camping gear is still in a pile on the floor of the garage (causing me to park in the driveway this past month) was solely due to my being a slacker when it comes to house stuff. or, if there were maybe a secondary reason with which i could salve my non-handy-man guilt. waking up at 9:15am this morning, in my own bed, because my daughter was gently nudging me to ask me if a friend could come over — well, that’s a good way to wake up on a saturday.

and tomorrow, i actually get to go to my small group. we “meet” on sunday afternoons. i put quotes around “meet” because, as you can guess from my schedule, it just hasn’t happened much this summer (or, at least not for me). two of the sundays i HAVE been home, we’ve had a church middle school ministry volunteer meeting. we had one for tomorrow, but — thanks be to the good lord and the good middle school pastor — the meeting was cancelled. so i get to go watch a nooma with my small group and talk about life and sit around and have a beverage and just plain old hang out. can’t wait.

of course, back to the original thread of this post — my sitting here writing this post is resulting in my camping gear still sitting in a pile on the floor of the garage. momentarily, i’ll go put it away; then i’ll do a bit of pool stuff; and then comes the good part: when i do any ridiculously small amount of work around the house like this — manly stuff — i can strut around for a bit (a very tiny bit) feeling like i’ve truly accomplished something and deserve, after all, to be a homeowner. it’s a fleeting feeling; but it’s pretty fun while it lasts. then i can play xbox or something.

2 thoughts on “it’s a weekend, and i’m home”

  1. Marko, I know just how you feel brother. On top of working 40+ hrs a week at my job, I’m the co-youth director at church, I have two awesome little boys, a very loving wife, a house that constantly has to have something done, & through the month of September…I tried to start a Sat. night service with myself preaching & reached near burnout stage.
    I had to drop the Sat. night service because it was leading me to feel as though church was way too much like work. So tonight was a very relaxing evening with my family & some quiet time with God.
    I can’t wait to go to NYWC Pittsburgh next weekend. I need it sooooo bad.
    I really dig your honesty & can’t wait to check out your “rant from a runt”. I’m even going to miss watching my beloved Tampa Bay Bucs to check it out.
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend at home & see you next week…your blog rocks.

  2. The rant from a runt rocks! Thanks for not pulling any punches Marko (and if you did, maybe let ’em go). It’s good to feel vunerable sometimes. (unless someone has their hands in your mouth and you can only breathe through your nose – hilarious!)

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