3 thoughts on ““it’s ammo-licious””

  1. Tried these out back in December, they are fun for like 3 minutes till they start to jam. Great idea in therory, but to low quality to last for an event.

  2. I bought craft fair versions of mini marshmallow shooters a couple of years ago. We used them for about a month before they get sticky. They’re made with PVC pipe and twist apart for cleaning, and your own lungs are the air pump. Low tech, low cost, riotous fun.

  3. Who would have thought you now can play EXTREME CHUBBY BUNNY, where marshmellos are propelled in excess of 15 mph into a student’s mouth, therefore creating more impact and greater compaction, allowing new and awsome records to be set for this classic game.

    Youth Ministry will never be the same!!!

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