it’s good to be home

after a long flight in from argentina, it was great to sit around the family dinner table last night, and hear things like this:

max (8): these grapes are great! are they organic?


liesl (12): i want to cut my hair shorter.
well, i really just want it thinner.
i wish i had a pair of thinning scissors to do it myself.
ooh, that would have a bad ending.


max: today i was bending over to tie my shoe, and some kid kinda sat on my head, and said, ‘hey max, what’s your head doing by my balls?’

jeannie: what did you say?

max: i didn’t say anything. i just kept my head down and kept tying my shoe, and he left.


liesl: (grunting, squishing up face)

me: are you trying to fart?

liesl: no! i’m trying to think!


yup, good to be home.

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