7 thoughts on “i’ve been used as an adjective!”

  1. sweet but way too hard to spell for written use

    I’d love to see what the iphone autocorrect tries to make out of oestreicher as someone’s typing it out

  2. trying it out now

    oe – or?
    oes – IRS?
    oest – pest?
    oestr – Pratt?
    oestre – ouster?
    oestrei – pestering? (not that I think this but funny it’s popped up twice)
    oestreic – no suggestion, can’t even figure out what word I’m typing
    oestreich – ostrich?
    oestreiche – back to no suggestion (if the iphone could think, I imagine something like, “he’s butt-dialing again, isn’t he?)
    oestreicher – still nothing

    I love it

  3. I can add another rebuttal to my “You’re Fired” defense speech:

    “Well, at least I’ve never had a family I’ve never met, leave a church I’ve never attended because of me!”

  4. Does that mean you have officially “arrived” at some sort of significant destination?

    Maybe that is how God feels with the whole “taking God’s name in vain” deal…

  5. You ought to have a quote contest for the best retorts.

    “You say that as if it is a bad thing.”
    “What do you mean nouveau? I’ve ALWAYS been cool.”
    “Really? I was going for more of a Tic Long.”

  6. In all of the silliness of the topic, what’s the heart of the issue? Why do they see it as offensive? I think there is something deeper here too that’s not worth poking fun at.

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