i’ve created my first facebook group

fwoitjznap.jpgi’m set up as an admin or “officer” in a few other facebook groups. but, yesterday, i lost it upon hitting the “ignore” button for what seemed the 100th time for one of the following groups or applications:
1. vampires
2. zombies
3. ninjas
4. pirates

cute little whimsical play things? yeah, maybe. if you’re 6. i even get annoying when someone uses the facebook “poke” feature. c’mon, don’t you have words!?!?

so i started a facebook group, called facebookers weary of invitations to join zombies, ninjas and pirates (i’d forgotten about vampires at the time). i thought about adding a photo of captain jack sparrow or something, but got cold feet when i read the “do you have permission to use this photo?” acknowledgement thing. so i just put up a pic of me at 3 or 4, when i would have enjoyed the idea of being a pirate.

i furiously clicked the boxes next to my few hundred “friends”, and sent off invitations. and now, about 20 hours later, the group has about 200 members!

UPDATE: some nice fella named luke trouten created a logo, without me even asking!

12 thoughts on “i’ve created my first facebook group”

  1. I joined it immediately… Now if we could just get a group that doesn’t bet they can find 1 billion christians to join we will be in great shape…

  2. ps… marko… I want to be your facebook buddy…

    though we have technically never met, we did make eye contact in Michigan when you were speaking at Steve Argue’s event…

    that is like way more than the typical facebook standards for friendship… so what do you think…

    can we be friends on facebook?

  3. I finally figured out my facebook login e-mail the other day. It had been months since I had been on. Your name came up in a conversation I had tonight so I thought I would look you up. Facebook has changed so much since the last time I had been on it. Anywho, let’s be friends, tee-hehe….poke.poke.

    -Daniel King

  4. I was going to accept the invitation to your group but I was afraid that in doing so I might offend a youth group kid who invited me to be a vampire…and yes, it makes me weary…

  5. So I just started using Facebook this week and already got 3 zombie invitations. But I can’t figure out what they are! Sounded like spam (even though I knew who sent them), so I clicked ignore. I guess I’m glad I did!!

  6. Haven’t joined yet…but perhaps I should go do that now. I DO have to run to Stewardship Sunday in the school gym….meh I can be late.

    You forgot the Jedi SIth one as well. Oh the multitude of things you could add to this. Who has time for it all?

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