a case study in hatred and intolerance

the massively popular website ebaum’s world somehow got a hold of the pic of me and jeannie in costume at the ys staff christmas party last year, and posted it on thursday. within 12 hours, there were over 40,000 views, and over 1100 comments (now, two days later, it’s at 64,000 views and 1500 comments)! the crazy thing is that 99.9% of the commenters clearly thought it was a serious picture of real dancing protesters. dude, i should feel flattered that our outrageous costumes were that believeable!

(warning: the 1100+ comments are seriously raunchy)

it struck me that this was an unintentional case study in hatred and intolerance. we were snarkily mocking people who exhibit hatred and intolerance with our costumes (the “youth specialties leads to hell” posters were inspired by a guy at our anaheim conventions that year who had real posters that said that). but the response of the commenters on ebaum’s world exhibits the same level of hatred and intolerance. interesting, and kind of sad, really.

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  1. Wow. What a crazy story. I remember the protesters at the convention and I remember your original post. This is wild. Sorry bro. Assumptions never work out well for those involved.

  2. Oh, but you have to admit, you and Jeannie look so dang real! It’s The Way & the Chick tracks that do it! You guys nailed it shut and you can’t blame those guys for thinking it was real. What a full-circle loop that was.

    I only ever remember the “Jesus wants you to be Vegan” ones in Pittsburgh. What a great story for your next book!

  3. Marko — Wow. If they knew their stuff, they would’ve known that the fonts you used to make your signs and t-shirts were way too happy looking to be real :) Both shirts are funny, but Jeannie’s is seriously awesome. I think I might have our next retreat theme lined up now!

  4. I don’t laugh outloud often reading blogs but the thought that people truly thought that the photo of you and Jeannie was actually real made me laugh quite robustly.

  5. Danny:

    If you did not know them though, you can make quite a case. To me, that is the intriguing thing about perception and the case studies tha can be done.

    The comments and I read hundreds were very interesting.

    Mark-O, way to cause a stir.

  6. Marko
    Didn’t even recognize the two of you. I was about to email a link to one of my interns who regularly discusses legalism with me…

    I remember the protestor(s) at Anaheim.
    And I remember you handled it quite well. Don’t argue, go take him a coffee (I think you said) and I think I remember him having several coffees around him the next time I passed by.

  7. Interesting too that a snarky costume, sarcastic even, in response to intolerance, led to more intolerance. I think it’s definitely funny in the right crowd, and there has to be room for humor, but would you feel righteous intolerance towards a person who spoofed you living out your call?

    The protesters, your costume, and the ebaum reaction: Were all of these events motivated by a sort of intolerance? I think there’s a third side to this blog post that has yet to be written…

  8. Dude either way your costume is awesome. I am reading the book unChristian right now and what you are wearing fits directly into the sheltered chapter. Keep up the good work.

  9. Read some of the comments on ebaum – some were funny but mostly sad. I think the long hair is what was so offensive – only kidding.

    Some people out there are carrying around some really heavy stuff inside. It must be wearing them out.

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