jeannie renee oestreicher, my wife of 22 years

22 years ago today, i almost passed out when jeannie and her dad stood at the back of the aisle in her church. my buddy, john, could see me wavering a bit, i think, and stepped forward and put a hand on my shoulder (both a gesture of affection, and a steadying hand).

we’ve lived quite a life already, in four states, 11 addresses, 10 job changes between the two of us, the birth of two children, and so much more. i love jeannie so much, and love being married to her. she regularly amazes me.





15 thoughts on “jeannie renee oestreicher, my wife of 22 years”

  1. congratulations and say hi to jeannie for me! have a great 08. hope our paths cross at some point over the next couple of years…

  2. 22 years? But she’s not old enough to have been married 22 years. You on the other hand…..

    Congrats to the both of you. 22 years is a marvelous achievement.

  3. Congrats Marko! I had the privledge of being in one of the sessions taught by Jeannie at NYWC. She is an awesome human being and you are surely blessed.

  4. Congrats, Marko! That is really cool, I love hearing about couples that have stayed together for so long. Kimmy and I are 10 years behind you.

  5. haha Congrats- Anyone else think it’s funny that Mark’s hair is longer than his wife’s?

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