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P31_Elisabeth_web.jpgoh no! this month’s award goes to a product that speaks volumes about the weirdness, isolation, paranoia and… well… let’s say weirdness again, of many who name the name of christ.

say hello to p31 dolls. that’s right: american-girl-like rip-off dolls, but based on proverbs 31. how is this possible, one might ask? here’s what the website copy says:

We would like to introduce our new, exclusive collection of high-quality dolls, based on the biblical teaching of Proverbs 31. Our P31 dolls were specifically designed to provide a Bible-based, Christian alternative to other secular toys on the market, and to encourage young girls to pursue biblical womanhood.

that sure clears it up! those horrible pagan american girl dolls — they’ll corrupt your little future homeschool mom, won’t they? ooh, they come with cookie cutters. seriously.

lord help us. save us from ourselves.

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  1. If they’re trying to provide a Christian alternative to the American Girl dolls, I’m afraid they are a solution in want of a problem. As a Dad of two little girls, I’ve really appreciate the fact that my kids want to learn about history because of their AGDoll fascination. I was a little surprised when I checked out the website for the P31 dolls, however: 1) The bible verses they recite are NIV, not KJV. 2) Their activity cards talk about giving to the needy and bringing comfort to the lonely without any regard to their race, religion, or voting preference. The makers of these dolls clearly don’t understand their target demographic. One advantage they DO have over the AG girls: at $39, they are 2/3 the price.

  2. In response to being a solution in want of a problem, American Girls has been donating money for several years to Girls, Inc. A non-profit which, among many good services, encourages girls to pursue homosexuality and promotes abortion.

  3. Denim pleated skirts: they’re not just for Church Of Christ girls anymore.

  4. Praise God for four boys. People still think that playing with guns is okay, and you just can’t “Christianize” that… although, I suppose they could sell “Jonathan and David Bows.”

  5. So boys can play with guns, but girls can’t play with dolls that aren’t sanctified??? Seriously? Boys can pretend to kill each other and girls need alternative guests for their tea parties, becuase the dolls based on historical characters will lead them astray… really?

  6. I’m just waiting for Christian feminine products…:/.

    The “holy huddle” mentality leaves me shaking my head more often than I’d like. It wasn’t that long ago when I used to be a Stepford Christian; now I’m kind of like a recovering smoker–when I smell “it” now, I cannot stand the scent…

    For whatever reason, I’ve picked up reading your blog (more often) lately, and every time I hit it, I’m lovin’ it.

  7. Usually the Jesus junk is so utterly ridiculous–almost always the question is, “Is this a joke?” I think this is the saddest one for two reasons–1. American Girl dolls are so cool in every way, and 2. These people seem totally serious! This one hits close to home for me! I loved the American Girls! I’m pretty sure they didn’t ever lead me astray, either. Ok. This is disturbing.

  8. I think this is an example of just really bad marketing! If you are going to try and challenge a company on it’s morals and wholesome appeal – why pick American Girl which (regardless of the extreme statements above about the association with Girl’s Inc.)is widely regarded as the right choice for tweens vs. Barbie and the horrendous Bratz dolls. The negatives of American Girl are the commercialism and expense. But if I were paying $39 for a “fake” AG doll I would want at least barely comparable quality. Those dolls don’t look very quality to me. We have created a site that focuses on providing Parents with quality alternatives for their AG dolls at decent prices. We are even working on a doll. Youcan check us out here at American Girl Clothes & Coupons!

  9. As a ex-peddler of Jesus junk this stuff always upsets me because it makes me think of the sort of Christian that would look at this and go “FINALLY we can buy dolls now..”

  10. ———————————-
    In response to being a solution in want of a problem, American Girls has been donating money for several years to Girls, Inc. A non-profit which, among many good services, encourages girls to pursue homosexuality and promotes abortion.

    Comment by Clark B. 05.07.07 @ 1:36 pm

    This is, in fact, the truth. I would hardly deem this an “extreme statement” (Lisa-Marie Cabrelli 05.08.07 @ 10:27 am). It’s tough these days not to inadvertently allow your money to support the homosexual and pro-choice agenda. Although I wouldn’t purchase either product, I do actively avoid Am Girl (and several other companies) because of their longstanding devotion and support of these two issues.

    When are we going to realize that we, as Christ followers, cannot coexist with a deceptive agenda? When will we wake up to the secret musings of the many companies that we so often support? When will we stop delivering our children into the hands of evil? I know these questions are harsh, but we have to step up to the plate folks. We have become so double-minded that we let Satan slip through, unnoticed, in everyday things all because these things seem insignificant or because they are paired with something wholesome.

    Please know that I don’t chastise what I have not already examined. I, too, have supported many an evil plight, unknowingly, but I am still personally responsible and repentant for every life destroyed by abortion and homosexuality all because I didn’t know my money was being routed through Planned Parenthood, Girls, Inc. and other similar organizations. For me, that’s simply a burden too great to bear.

  11. Those killer pink cowgirl boots look kind of worldly. Another thing…where’s the biblical head covering?

  12. Wow,all this over a doll.First let me say my girls LOVE their P31 doll,Just like they love their AG doll.Quality wise the dolls are very comparable.I will say the AG dolls have a little thicker hair but over all the quality is the same.The difference is this, hopefully by some insane account my daughters will aspire to be more like Addy,Molly,Elisabeth and leah rather then Barbie or Cinderella because I chose to fill their rooms with these dolls.I do not kid myself into thinking that my girl will be Mother Theressa because she had a P31 anymore then I think she will become a tap dancing war hero because of Molly,but it is better then the alternative. Instead of argumentatively comparing these two, why not embrace the notion that maybe these dolls will catch on and kids will want to collect their stories too.

    As for boys,my boy doesn’t play with guns,we teach are boys that guns are tools,Daddy works with them (soldier),and we hunt with them not pretend to kill eachother, that’s just bad gun safety.And also,David had a sling and a stone,not an arrow.

    Lastly, the P31 dolls are NOT all white, which is what attracted us to them in the first place.I do wonder though why the AG dolls that are “like me” have dark skin and white girl features, I have never seen a black girl with long silken hair and a pointy little nose,as far as ethnicity goes the AG dolls don’t have the corner on the market either.When is Disney going to make a doll with a pair of shiny Afro-puffs and real lips? Their dolls always have loads of stuff with them. I can just see it now, t-shirts & lunchpails all with one of my nappy headed pumpkins running around singing faith based hymmns and talking about politics. Now wouldn’t that be nice.

  13. Why does everyone want to pick on certain people?? What have Christians done to you? I think it’s a great idea to have dolls like this, there is nothing wrong with american girl dolls, these are just another type of doll that helps girls think about modesty and being nice to other people! I think these dolls are very nice, and ALLOT cheaper than AG dolls.

  14. I think these dolls are fine at the end of the day it is what WE as parents teach and instill in our children, not the dolls. I do not allow bratz in my house at all or my scene barbie. That being said I do believe that you can teach biblical principles thew all kind of play with many different forms of toys. Personally I will not pay $90 + dollars for an American girl doll but u know what $40 is a little steep to!

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