jesus junk of the month award

it’s been a while since i’ve awarded the jjotm award. i doubt it’s been due to a shortage of jesus junk. more likely, it’s just been off my radar. but, today, i must resurrect (ha!) the award, thanks to my friend and coworker, ian, who sent me a link to this beauty:

the talking jesus doll

it look a bit like a gag; but i think it’s real. surely, anything with “authentic linen robes” must be real, right? glad to know that linen is authentic, ’cause i can’t even imagine giving my child a freaky little talking jesus doll with the voice of a bad actor and an INauthentic linen robe. surely, an INauthentic linen robe would destroy the budding faith of my child. in fact, it would likely lead my child to draw the kind of (il)logical conclusions so prevalent these days: if the linen is inauthentic, then the entire faith system must be inauthentic!.

make sure you watch the little video, btw. it’s precious.

12 thoughts on “jesus junk of the month award”

  1. that “what the??” look on the kid’s face in the pic is priceless, so is the head nodding he does in the vid while Jesus recounts His day for him… “yeah, Jesus, I know whatcha mean there…”

  2. That video made me feel a bit (il). I see they did not describe it as a bathtub toy. “So, how come He can’t walk on water, Dad?”

  3. These were on the Wal-Mart clearance aisle last month. I got three of them along with Mary, Moses and Samson. I never thought of dressing them up in Ken and Barbie clothes though…I’m going to “borrow ” that idea! I love the Jesus Action Figure!

  4. video: some notes.
    the woman is turning the pages backward in the beginning. thats got to be heresy, somehow…

    just… wow… too many things.
    fully poseable jesus.. squeeze his tummy, he talks!

  5. A company(to remain anonymous) sent me one of these last fall as a sample with hopes I’d buy more. Fat chance. I ebayed that thing. And not-surprisingly enough…someone wanted it enough to pay 18 bucks on it.

  6. Someone gave one of these to me a few weeks ago as a joke. The funniest thing about it is that Jesus has blue eyes. Now that’s authentic! LOL!

  7. I got one for Christmas, and the fam loves it. Occassionally Jesus hangs out with Barbie and the Disney princesses (my 3 year old daughter thinks it is the coolest toy in the world). My 8 year old son loves it but at the same time he seems a bit cautious when it comes to playing with him. Mines got brown eyes, but I totally love his surfer haircut. I even did a Sunday School study on the Jesus Action Figure, and the youth thought he was hilarious. One of my best Christmas presents ever.

  8. I have one too! It was a give-away our Children’s Ministry didn’t want…. good thing I was in the right place at the right time to get to keep him! I’ve had it for about a year and I just learned a month ago that Jesus talks–there is a little button on the back. He recites Bible verses. But I think the worst part are the pecs—they are unusually large and kinda frightening.

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