jesus junk of the month award

well, i hesitated about posting this one, because it’s bound to get hung up in some church internet filters. but, heck, it’s friday, and this is some seriously classic jesus junk, and i haven’t awarded a “jesus junk of the month award” in quite some time.

i bring you…. (drum roll please, and blocking services temporarily disabled)…

the ex-masterbator shirt, produced by “one of the fastest growing christian hip hop magazines in the US”. it’s one of a whole collection of “ex” shirts (ex-bisexual, ex-homosexual, ex-hypocrite, ex-narcissist, ex-diva, ex-fornicator, ex-hustler, and others).

it’s a little hard for me to imagine encouraging my youth group to wear these, though it might be fun to see their faces when i suggested it!


15 thoughts on “jesus junk of the month award”

  1. dude, that’s hilarious, though it might make family functions a bit awkward if you wore one.

  2. Yeah, Marko, you should definitely bring that to JCC this summer if you’re preaching. I’d seriously pay for that experience!

  3. This is (slightly) better than my Larry Norman for President t-shirt.

  4. Cool! I’m preaching on Matt 5 where Jesus talks about adultery and lust this week – just the illustration I needed! (…he said with sarcasm in his voice)

    They have an ‘ex-narcissist’ shirt as well. If you buy and wear one, are your really an exnarcissist?

  5. Lord Help Us.

    Nothing spreads the love of God better than publicizing “I think I’m better than you!”

    I pray for those who designed this.

  6. the shirts should just say “master of my domain”

    the saddest thing about this is that these shirts get made because there are enough other christians out there who actually think it’s a good idea.

  7. Honestly those shirts almost make me want to have a shirt that says EX-Christian. Why do we have to such embarrassing and stupid things like that?

  8. Can I just get a shirt that says, “Masturbator,” ?

    I think that would be more appropriate.

    Also, the next time you rub one out I full expect you to replace your shirt with a, “Masturbator,” shirt. Otherwise you a liar.


  9. [I know this is an old post….but it was found] – I’m pretty sure the point of the shirts is not to say “I’m better than you”. I think there is some value in being open about the sins that we have struggled with and that God’s redemptive love has freed us from. I have no affiliation with the maker of the shirt, nor do I own one, but I’ve seen the shirts before. They’re definitely a conversation starter…providing an opportunity to share the gospel in certain venues. Wearing the shirt doesn’t give you any more power over sin than confessing it to your youth pastor does. What does give us power is Christ’s strength, offered to us when we are honest and accountable for our sin. Is “ex-drug addict” really that laughable? People summarizing their testimony on a t-shirt may not be orthodox, but neither was Christ. It’s a tool that may reach some.

    I’m all for a sense of humor and not taking things too seriously, but I think taking pot shots at other ministries that are impacting people with the Good News of Christ (read some testimonies regarding these and similarly bold shirt designs).

    Is tearing down the body, both superficially and publically, what you’re teaching your students? The publication of “I think I’m better than you” was offered no clearer than in these comments.

    Two cents…match your addressing of theological differences and encouragement of other ministries with the Scriptures. Open your Bible and see if God is cool with this approach. I don’t remember God telling us to be quiet or unrepentant about his conquering of sin in our lives.

    If you think the shirts are irresponsible or sinful, pray for your brothers and sisters in the great commission and leave it at that. Devoting a blog to publicly display how other people are failing in the name of Jesus seems to be sad irony.

  10. Didn’t finish a thought, sorry.

    …taking pot shots at other ministries that are impacting people with the Good News of Christ (read some testimonies regarding these and similarly bold shirt designs) is less in the mold of Christ than anyone would say these shirts are.

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