jesus junk of the month award

i haven’t posted a ‘jesus junk of the month’ award in quite a while; but this wonderfully cynical list of christian-themed destinations is worthy.

like, the golgatha mini golf in cave city, kentucky. gotta love the tank there near jesus.


and, i love how ‘god’s ark of safety’ in maryland has a sign on it that says “jesus is coming soon”, but the guy’s been building this ark since 1974 and has a freakin’ long ways to go. mmm, delicious irony there.


(ht to john 17)

9 thoughts on “jesus junk of the month award”

  1. Is Jesus running on natural gas?
    Perhaps he’s an inflatable Jesus…

    Also, don’t call me Thomas, but I don’t see that ark floating on anything. Maybe David Letterman will have it on “Will it float?”

  2. When I was courting my girlfriend (now my wife) I would drive by that ark thing every time on the way to and from her parents house. It is extremely cheesy yes, but my wife actually went to their youth group back in the day and it really challenged her and fed her some solid truth, so kudos to them for that, but really they should have finished it by now. But maybe they are on the Noah timetable of 100 years and I don’t think their Noah is 500, didn’t they start a tad early?

  3. i retreat to the monastery at the grotto jerusalem in minature is located at, was actually there last week & walked the grotto. even took youth there one year on a ‘road rules’ type trip. their experience, “this is like a museum, but cooler.” me, i think some of it is way creative and way childlike.

  4. I used to live in the area and go to God’s Ark of Safety youth group. The reason that Noah’s Ark is taking so long to rebuild is because the money they raised to build the Ark was stolen and it is taking a long time to raise the money again. So next time you drive by, why don’t you stop and donate some money instead of wondering why it’s taking them so long.

  5. The upper photo begs the questions, “How would Jesus putt?” And there’s a highly inappropriate pun between the “steel” Ark and the challenge when people “steal” your funds. But I won’t say more, for fear of negative comments suddenly appearing on my blog…

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