jesus junk of the month award

well, hey. ysmarko hasn’t had a jesus junk of the month award in a long time! but i just stumbled on this floating piece of jesus junk in an e-article from christian century. yes… it’s “weddings on water“, marketed as “america’s only floating chapel.” that tag-line makes me ask a few things:

1. if it’s only america’s only floating chapel, does that mean other countries have floating chapels?

2. do they pass out dramamine with the wedding programs?

3. this chapel is floating, while, in other churches, other stuff floats. huh. not so much a question as an interesting observation.

4. does the captain, while performing the non-denominational wedding service, refer to either:
a. jesus walking on the water?
b. jesus calming the storm?
or, c. paul getting shipwrecked?

5. can the bride waterski behind the boat, and slowly be “reeled in” like she’s walking up the “aisle”? because that would be cool.

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  1. Man, lately I’m coming across more and posting on my boobleheadjesus.blogspot blog … but I think takes the cake so far!

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