jesus junk of the month award, catholic edition

statue.jpgreally, it’s a figurine of a saint that’s supposed to help you sell your house, when place appropriately on your front lawn. wow. that’s some cheesy little trinket stuff there.

the site sez:

The Original St. Joseph Statue
is a tradition dating back untold years.
This web site was developed to help believers sell their homes.
America’s homesellers and realtors are turning to St. Joseph statues
to get an advantage in the tough homesellers market.

maybe this is what’s missing in the san diego housing market right now.

(ht to george baum, via email)

11 thoughts on “jesus junk of the month award, catholic edition”

  1. Okay so confession time (no pun intended). When I was a little kid, my parents used the “St. Joe method”. SUpposedly, you take your statue, bury it upside down facing your house and your house will sell. At least thats what we were told to do. It worked! Well…I don’t know if it worked, but our house did sell.

  2. Bought a house in Otown a few years ago and 6 months into the house a person knocks on our door and says “Can I get my St. Joseph out of your yard”? I was like, uhh, I have no idea what you are talking about. They walked over to a Flower bed and dug up the statue. Very bizarre encounter -we still wonder if anything else is in the yard!

  3. We were going to do this to sell our home quickly but it sold before we got the chance to bury it in our yard. Now that’s one powerful saint…just the power of suggestion helped us. By the way, it works to get rid of houseguests too. You can dig yours up now Mark.

  4. A friend of mine, who owned a Christian bookstore, said that these little statues were the biggest seller.

  5. Not only are you supposed to bury him upside down in the backyard facing the house while praying to him/it everyday, when the house sells, you’re supposed to dig him/it up and put him/it in a place of honor in your new home. A friend of mine swore by this practice so we got one last year when selling our house. Not only did he/it not work (although St. Joe wasn’t specifically the one I was praying to at that time, nor now), when I went to dig him up after we finally sold, I couldn’t find him. When the buyers’ kids finally find him and dig him out, St. Joe’s going to be ticked! Homes won’t sell in that neighborhood for years to come.

  6. Friends of mine had their house on the market for a year when they tried the St. Joseph’s statue…their house sold within a month. It’s a little creepy the way people do this.

  7. My mom has several friends who do this. It reminds me of some of the spiritual rituals I saw and heard of in Africa. It gives me the creeps.

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