jesus junk of the month award, nativity edition, #5

technically, not a nativity. but it’s a christmas lawn ornament, showing (can you believe it?) the flogging of jesus on the way to the cross. there’s some christmas cheer for your neighborhood!


15 thoughts on “jesus junk of the month award, nativity edition, #5”

  1. Out of all the Jesus Junk you’ve shown, this is the only one that didn’t make me laugh or shake my head in disgust. This just makes me sad.

  2. i definitely shook my head while covering my mouth with an awkward laugh…

    (pretty good play-by-play there if i do say so)

  3. I just don’t get this. Christmas? I may be from a liturgical church that recognizes the depth of the Christian Calendar, but even the most non-traditional among us still understand the difference between Christmas and Easter.

  4. As someone who carries on a proud white trash family tradition of millions of christmas lights in my yard; the scariest part for me is that someone had to make that, ’cause Target or Home Depot doesn’t sell it…..i think.

  5. This is just so wrong on so many levels that I don’t even know where to start. I can understand the desire to remind people that Christmas what the initial purpose of Christmas was. (I argue that Christmas has become two holidays — one secular and one religious — that happen to be celebrated at the same time.) However, how on earth is this supposed to draw people to Jesus at Christmas time? Can you just imagine the conversation in the car of a family of non-Christians who happen to be driving around looking at Christmas lights? I can pretty much guarantee you that it won’t encourage this family to think more highly of Jesus, or of Christians. And maybe that’s what bothers me the most. Well-meaning but misguided Christians like this actually make it harder for all of us to introduce people to Jesus and to help them become Christ followers.

  6. They should have that out during Easter. I bet that would cause a stir. This display is not really tasteful for Christmas or really ever. I wonder what their other displays look like?

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