9 thoughts on “jesus junk of the month award: possibly the worst yet!”

  1. I guess God doesn’t like housing right now, He did. I should pray more and have Dr. Van Pelt (Linus and Lucy’s dad?) and his more than 1,664,000 faithful pray.
    Man, I hope this web site is a joke.

  2. PLEASE tell me this is a joke. Marko!? Did you hire this guy? The thing that choked me up the most was the “at any given point we’ll have 1,664,000 faithful people pray for the success of your brand.”

  3. No way is that real. The whole stop by for a variety of refreshments part gives it away. Nobody is that awkward.
    What’s really sad is that we’re debating whether or not this is real. Kind of shows how lame and weird the Christian subculture is.

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