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over the last week or two, i posted slightly edited notes of our time at the junior high pastors summit. i’d mentioned (in a post during the summit) that we’d shared book recommendations with each other (we do this each year when we gather), and a few readers have asked that i post those. so here they are. in order to be suggested, the suggester had to have read it in the last year, and felt others would benefit from it. i don’t find book suggestions all that helpful unless i know the person doing the suggesting. but for what it’s worth… (i’ll plus it a tiny bit by adding links to those recommendations i have read and would also endorse)

Book Recommendations
Nate R – “Mudhouse Sabbath” Lauren Winner, “The Jesus Creed” Scot McKnight
Andy J – “Enneagran: Christian Perspective” Richard Rohr, “Practicing Passion” Kenda Dean
Sean – “Not Much, Just Chillin’” Linda Pearlstein, “Queen Bees and Wannabees”, “Searching for God knows what” Donald Miller
Cristin – Stacy Eldredge “Captivating”, “Enjoy the Silence” Duffy and Maggie Robbins
Steve – “Ragamuffin Gospel” Brennan Manning, “Blue Like Jazz” Donald Miller, “Fresh Encounter” Daniel Henderson
April – “A Generous Orthodoxy” Brian McLaren, “Difficult Conversations”, “Velvet Elvis” Rob Bell
John – “The Upside Down Kingdom” Donald Krabill, David Anderson “Letters Across the Divide” and “Multicultural ministry: Finding your Churches Rhythm”
Jim – “Velvet Elvis”, “Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger” Ron Sider
Scott – “Controlled Chaos” Kurt Johnston, “The Irresistible Revolution” Shane Claiborne, “Purple Cow” Seth Godin
Heather – “The Myth of the Perfect Mother” Carla Barnhill, “Traveling Mercies” Ann Lammott
Kurt – “The Doom Loop System” Dory Hollander
Jason – “Give Your Speech, Change Your World” Nick Morgan, “The Revolutionary Communicator” by Erik Lokkesmoe, Jedd Medifind, “Preaching Reimagined” by Doug Paggitt
Ken – “Soul Searching” Christian Smith, “Seen and Heard”, “Spiritual Leadership” Oswald Chambers
Nate S – “Blink” Malcolm Gladwell, “Velvet Elvis”
Alan R – “Barbarian Way” Erwin McManus, “The Emotionally Healthy Church” Warren Bird
Eric – “Exclusion and Embrace” by Miroslav Volf, “Jesus Remembered” James Dunn, “Christ plays in 10,000 Places” Eugene Peterson, “Freakenomics” by Steven D. Levitt, Stephen J. Dubner
Marko – “Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt” Ann Rice, “Contemplative Youth Ministry” Mark Yaconelli, “A Whole New Mind” Daniel Pink
Judy – “Seven Practices of Effective Ministry” Andy Stanly, “Barbarian Way” by Erwin McManus, “Good to Great” Jim Collins and “Good to Great in the Social Sector”
Jeff – “The World is Flat” Thomas Friedman, “Revolution” George Barna
Alan M – “1776” David McCollough, “The Essence of the Church” Craig Van Gelder “Practicing Passion” Kenda Dean
Johnny – “The world is flat” Freedman, “Trust: The One Thing That Makes or Breaks a Leader” Les Csorba, “Choosing to Cheat” Andy Stanley, “Blink”

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  1. Interesting list. I am fascinated at the mix of explicitly Christian books and those outside “the bubble”. Also, I wonder what it says about our culture that almost 100% are US authors.

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