junior high believe

i’m in nashville, speaking at the first of the junior high believe events (there are three this fall, of which i’m doing two, and 8 more next winter/spring, of which i’m doing six). it’s a very cool event, just for young teens.

but i mispoke on stage tonite. i meant to say “i peed” at the end of a story about getting scared, and instead sayed “i pissed myself” — which is substantially more crude. i think the organizers will end up hearing from some rattled youth worker!

heard a funny story tonite, though. i had dinner with some guys, and one of them told of a time he’d called a junior high volunteer up to the front of the stage for some reason or another when he was speaking. then, when he told the kid he could sit down, the kid just stayed there staring at him. he told him he could sit down a second time, and the kid didn’t move. the third time he did one of those “i can’t believe he said that” things we’ve all done: he said, “what are you, deaf?” the kid turned around and shrugged his shoulders to his interpreter who signed the message to him.

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  1. i’ll be at the nashville and dallas events this fall. and i’ll be at the tulsa, cincy, orlando, st. louis, atlanta, and anderson (IN) events in the winter/spring.

  2. I guess that is an improvement over “every time i bend over my butt hole gets bigger and bigger!”

  3. Oh man…this was GREAT Marko! I remember a few months ago when an elder asked me to find a student to pray in front of our congregation for communion. Finally, someone actually wanted to see the students involved! I found one of the most outspoken junior high guys in our group who prayed often for our programs. He gets up there, actually “adjusts himself” and then prayers, “Dear God, please don’t let me screw this freaking thing up…” Hmmm, maybe he was too comfortable? But hey, our students are serving communion every Sunday now…who knew?

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